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STUS is... Band of the Week,


Dan Mc Avinchey recently caught up with Stus for this e-interview to discuss his playing, his gear choices and much more.


“Plain and simple, you don’t even have to enjoy guitar solos to rock out to Stus’s “The Calling”. Stus throws his heart and years of experience into the music, and it really shows. This incredible artist, both performer and entrepreneur, has what it takes to be a star. Listen to Stus Rollins and see why he is the Rising Artist of the Day!”

“This song reminds me of straight old school funk. Its great. From a lyrical stand point of view this guy matched all his elements up with his vocals perfectly. It really is stupendous. When great music like this hits, everybody needs to hear it. Loved this song. ( Way too funky. )”

“This song is so cool I cant even get over it I love it so much. the beat and guitar is what makes this song the best I love it a lot. I want to marry this song. and wear it on my soul. "Loves Sorrow - Loves Joy"”

“Stus Rollins is one of those rare instrumentalists that understands how people listen to music. With a lot of instrumental rock, my impression is that guitarists like to show off their technical skill. Rollins shows his ability for writing and playing, but makes it enjoyable to hear.”


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New album coming Autumn 2019

Nature's Whisper


 Leicester Square      

Supporting Larry Carlton



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